HIMYM episode 6x03 (115)

Unfinished - ted with plane
First aired:
October 4, 2010
Pamela Fryman
Jamie Rhonheimer

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Barney attempts to use his womanizing tactics on Ted after he turns down the chance to finish the new GNB headquarters. Robin still has unfinished business with Don.


Future Ted tells his kids that during his early years as a professor, he had a simple goal: to give a lecture that would change someone's life. He believes he accomplished that goal, and tells the story. In 2010, Barney surprises Ted one day by telling him that Goliath National Bank is reconsidering his design of the new GNB headquarters that had previously been scrapped. Ted is intrigued but decides he doesn't want to work for GNB, (with he and Marshall likening them to the Galactic Empire.) Barney seems to accept this, but later is seen to be ignoring Ted. Ted realizes Barney is playing him like he would a hot girl, as Barney really wants Ted to design the building.

Barney's attempts to "woo" Ted seem to be working, and Ted finds himself wanting to accept the job more and more. Finally, Barney tells Ted they have already accepted another offer, with Marshall backing up his claim. Finally, Ted goes to Barney and offers to do the job at half price, but Marshall reveals they hadn't accepted another offer, only pretending to do so to convince Ted even more. Shocked Barney and Marshall had lied to him, Ted declines the offer again, but later while giving a lecture on an architect's unfinished work, he changes his mind and rushes to Barney to accept the job; he however forces Barney to take him out to dinner first, as Barney had stated he never took a woman out before "closing the deal" first.

Robin realizes she may not have gotten over her relationship with Don after seeing him on TV in Chicago. She ends up drunk dialing him and leaving angry messages. Lily tries to get her to delete Don's number, though at first she lies about it and leaves another message. Later she actually does delete his number, but ends up calling him anyway and leaving another message as she had memorized his number. Later, Robin attempts to leave him another message, but finds she has forgotten his number; smiling, she realizes she finally got the closure she wanted.


Future References (Contains Spoilers)


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Memorable Quotes

Lily: Where's the poop, Robin?

Robin: I'm going to kill you, fly to Chicago, kill you, put your face on a deep-dish pizza and eat it. And then maybe catch a Bears Game, but mostly the killing and eating your face thing.
Robin's threatening voice mail to Don.

Barney: Barney Stinson always gets the 'yes'.

Robin: I want to say, from the bottom of my heart, I am gonna kill you- No, I'm not. I am happy for you- and that Asian slut on your Facebook page, she's dead too.

Robin: I am never going to have closure. Okay, closure doesn't exist. One day, Don and I are moving in together, and the next thing I know, he's on a plane to Chicago. It just... ended. And, no matter how much I try to forget that it happened, it will have never not happened. Don and I will always be a loose end. We will always be-

(Cut to Ted giving a lecture)

Ted: Unfinished. Gaudí, to his credit, never gave up on his dream. But that's not usually how it goes. Usually it isn't a speeding bus that keeps the brown, pointy, weird church from getting built. Most of the time it's just too difficult, too expensive, too scary. It's only once you've stopped that you realize how hard it is to start again, so you force yourself not to want it. But it's always there. And until you finish it, it will always be...

(Ted runs from the classroom)

Robin and Ted recount how their great loves (Don and Architecture) are unfinished.

Ted: What are you doing here? Oh, God! You're dating one of my students. It's Rachel, isn't it? Barney, I know she wears provocative sweaters, but she's 19! Now I'm gonna have to hear all about it, right? Go on. Tell me every detail.
Ted's reaction to seeing Barney walking into his classroom

Ted: I finally know what your kind (women) go through. I get it now!
Robin: For the last time, I don't care how big it was. It is not the same as giving birth!

Robin: Oh, Teddy. You are so gonna spread your legs and design that building.
Ted: I am not that kind of architect!

Ted: Barney wants me to take the job so bad he's putting the moves on me?
Marshall: I hope that's his endgame. Actually, I don't. I like you two together.

Robin: "This just in," is what I'm going to say when I'm stabbing you!
Robin to Don

Notes and Trivia

Goofs and Errors

  • Lily claims she had a dog as a child, but it was established in World's Greatest Couple that she is allergic to dogs. That also had been proven false in other episodes, including The Scorpion and the Toad and Where Were We? where Lily is seen with dogs.
  • Robin says when she first tried to delete Don's number, the phone 'asked' if Robin was sure, and Robin claims "I wasn't sure." However, at the end she deletes Don's number without it displaying "Are you sure?"
  • The headband worn by the young boy during Lily's dojo scene is upside down.
  • Lily and the little girl at the dojo are wearing the gi with right over left. The gi should be worn with left over right for everybody, not just for males.

Allusions and Outside References

  • The episode opens with a picture of the Sagrada Família, a building designed by Antoni Gaudí. It's long history and reputation for being "unfinished" was used as a parallel to the episode's storyline. Also, towards the end, Ted is nearly hit by a bus. This is in reference to Antoni Gaudi's death when he was hit by a tram, leading to a halt in the construction of the cathedral.
  • The episode references the design of the Death Star from Star Wars: A New Hope, and its destruction by a single torpedo aimed at a vent. The scene in the garbage compactor with Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca is also referenced.
  • Lily mentions "the time when everyone was going: Whassup? when trying to determine how long it had been since she took a karate class.
  • Robin mentions the Chicago Bears in her voicemail to Don.


  • The opening music is Franz Schubert's Symphony Number 8, the "Unfinished Symphony"
  • Beach Comber - Real Estate plays when Ted goes to meet Barney at the end of the episode

Other Notes

  • The karate uniform worn by Lily and the karate class is the same as the ones worn by Tony's students in The Wedding Bride.
  • Chrissy's pink sweater is the identical sweater worn by Henrietta in the Season 5 episode Hooked.
  • In this episode, it's noted that Don Frank is the anchor of the 11 o' clock evening news. Before his job at WNKW, Don was noted for his presence in no less than 39 morning shows (including his last one as co-anchor with Robin).
  • In this episode Barney says that his "creepy pickup artist voodoo" has worked on 236 women. If he hit 200 in Right Place Right Time, it can be assumed that he's slept with 36 women since then. This number might be a little off since he doesn't use the "pickup artist voodoo" on every woman that he sleeps with but this is probably close.
  • In the scene showing Ted's lecture (both in flash-forward and later in the episode) he is discussing the work of Antoni Gaudí, saying the building is often thought of as "unfinished", referencing the title of the episode. Ted's former architecture professor Vinick at Wesleyan lectured on Gaudí when Ted sat in on his class in Season 8's The Final Page, Part One.
  • After Robin deleted Don from her phone a few names popped up in her contact list. A notable one being David Bur. David Burthka is the actor who plays Scooter and is Neil Patrick Harris’ real life partner.
  • Also in her contacts is David Baker. David Baker is the show's prop-master.


  • Tara Erica Moore - Rachel
  • Malea Mitchell - Chrissy
  • Jude Will - 7-year-old Clint Eastwood
  • James Lanham - 16-year-old Clint Eastwood
  • Clark Gilmer - Blond Girl at the bar
  • Keith Middlebrook - Scott Weisman
  • Carolyn Ordoñez - Chrissy's Friend


How I Met Your Mother - Unfinished Podcast

How I Met Your Mother - Unfinished Podcast

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Featuring an interview with Carter Bays and Jamie Rhonheimer.


  • This episode premiered to 8.604 million viewers. [1]
  • Deann Walkerat Television Without Pity gave the episode a B+. [2]
  • Donna Bowman of The A.V. Club gave the episode a B+. [3]
  • Robert Canning of IGN gave the episode a rating of 9 out of 10. [4]
  • Chris O'Hara of TV Fanatic gave the episode a rating of 3.5 out of 5. [5]
  • The St. Petersburg Comic Review gave this episode 7.5 out of 10 stars. "...his beard was also unfinished."


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