Marshall versus the Machines




Marshall Eriksen



Marshall versus the Machines é uma canção folk cantada por Jason Segel (como Marshall Eriksen) tocada em Subway Wars, Bedtime Stories e Bass Player Wanted. Marshall, que sente que seu corpo está o atrapalhando, decide provar para ele mesmo que é melhor que as máquinas (metrô, táxi, ônibus, etc.) correndo com A Gangue pelo centro de Nova Iorque. Quando ele está correndo, "Marshall versus the Machines" toca.

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Em Subway Wars Editar

Gather round, ye children
To hear the tale so sweet
Of a man who dared to race machines
With nothing but his feet

With hair of auburn beauty
A hero dressed in jeans
He's fighting for America

Versus the machines...


As Marshall ran with all his might
And passed his friend, Christine
He thought of all the times that he had
Beaten the machine:

He triumphed over Pitfall
He vanquished the alarm
He brought the jukebox back to life
With his Fonzarelli arm

Versus the machines...

Move along! Yah!
Move along! Yah!

Our hero's strength was fading fast
Just as the light turnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....ed green
He then thought back to all the times
He'd lost to a machine:

The cable box's fearsome bite
The stapler's mighty sting
The cable box's bite again

Getting too tired
To sing...

Malte ist schwul!!!!!

Em Bass Player Wanted Editar

Versus the machines.

Our hero starts his journey
With steely eyed resolve
But let's skip ahead to later
With a slow dissolve...

So tired, dehydrated
Not making any sense
But wait a second,
Why is Bigfoot standing by that fence?

I'm not hallucinating
Bigfoot really exists
But everyone knows he quit smoking years ago

Oh, crap. I'm losing it.

Curiosidades Editar

  • Uma banda indie de Provo, Utah se chama "Marshall vs. The Machine" em referência a essa canção.
  • A canção soa parecida com "Ghost Riders in the Sky" (1949), de Vaughn Monroe.
  • Uma porção dessa canção pode ser ouvida no final de Bedtime Stories.