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83 in Barney's equations

In Brunch, Ted points out that Barney always uses 83% when making up statistics. But Barney actually uses it for more than just that.


  • Brunch - Barney claims that 83% of people married for longer than six months are seeing someone on the side
  • Third Wheel - Barney asks if the sum of the ages of all participants in the "tricycle" is under 83
  • No Tomorrow - Barney refers to "The Great Dude Shortage" of 1883 and in the following see refers to his suit as a "38 Long"
  • Ten Sessions - Barney claims it takes a woman 8.3 seconds to decide if she is going to sleep with someone
  • The Bracket - In a ploy to hook up with a woman at an art museum, Barney claims that he has lost 83% of his vision.
  • Intervention - Barney claims to be 83 years old when disguised as an old man.
  • Shelter Island - 83 shows up several times in Barney's equations to get Robin in bed again.
  • Right Place, Right Time - Barney's 200th sex partner-to-be, Petra Petrova, is shown in Bros Life Magazine on page 83.
  • Bagpipes - Barney claims that the tally for beds he and Robin slept in is 83 and a half.
  • Robots Versus Wrestlers - Barney names several rules for Marshall and Lily's baby. The final rule mentioned is number 83 dealing with baby spit up, suits, and Lily's breasts.
  • Glitter - Barney claims there is an 83% correlation between the time men wear boutonnière and the times they get laid.
  • Legendaddy - In the story Barney makes up about his conversation with his dad, he says that Jerome became a tour manager in '83.
  • Hopeless - It is revealed that Barney last saw his dad in 1983.
  • The Perfect Cocktail - Barney states that he was about to sleep with his 283rd woman when Marshall interferes.
  • The Best Man - Barney brags that he has an 83% success rate with women (although Ted comments, "17, it's always the inverse").
    • In Right Place, Right Time, Marshall does the math and determines that only 1.2% of the women Barney approaches actually sleep with him, which is equal to 1 divided by 0.83.
  • Field Trip - Barney says that 83% of college students are in dire need of sex lessons. Coincidentally, Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi was released in 1983, a movie which features prominently in the episode.
  • Now We're Even - When Barney and Ted are arguing over the points system, Barney gives Ted 83 points for slapping five with Tommy Lee.
  • Good Crazy - Barney mentions his online dating success rate to be as high as 83 percent.

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