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Adam Punciarello
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Adam "Punchy" Punciarello was Ted's best friend in high school.

Show Outline

Season 3

Ted experiences associative regression (a.k.a revertigo) when he's around Punchy, and the two end up hitting each other with fists during their brief conversations. Punchy often wraps up his conversations with Ted by saying "classic Shmosby".

Punchy first makes an appearance in Sandcastles in the Sand. In this episode, Lily experiences associative regression because her high-school best friend Michelle is in town, and Lily develops an African-American attitude when the two hang out. When Marshall points out that Lily is experiencing revertigo, Lily affirms that it's how Ted and Punchy behave when they see each other.

Season 6

Punchy makes a second, more prominent appearance in Glitter​, where Ted holds a brief telephone conversation with him. Ted casually slips in the conversation that he would like to see his friend if he happens to be in town. After the call, Punchy tells his girlfriend how he worries that Ted is leading a sad life and actually visits him in New York. Ted gets tired of hanging out with Punchy because of his high-school attitude but is brought back to his senses when he learns that Punchy is getting married and wants Ted to be his best man, to which Ted agrees.

In False Positive​, Punchy calls Ted and the two discuss flower arrangement plans for the wedding. The next day, Punchy calls Ted again, freaking out about getting married. However, Ted reminds Punchy how much he loves Kelly, and he calms down.

Season 7

He marries Kelly in The Best Man​ (with some problems). Marshall, unknowingly, outs Kelly by pointing to her (while actually pointing at Lily) and talking about her pregnancy.


  • Spouse: Kelly
  • Father: Unnamed father
  • Children: Unnamed child

Episode Appearances

  1. Sandcastles in the Sand
  2. Glitter
  3. False Positive
  4. The Best Man

Notes and Trivia

  • When Punchy is at The apartment in Sandcastles in the Sand and he and Ted start fighting, Ted says "I'm sorry about your dad". Punchy's response, "Yeah, it was a real shock..." seems to imply that his dad died. However, Punchy's dad was present at his wedding in The Best Man.
    • It's likely that it was a serious medical condition (e.g. stroke or heart attack) which Punchy's dad recovered from eventually.
  • A Robin Sparkles video has appeared in each of Adam's first two episode appearances.
  • He appears to have an obsession with Times Square. He bought several bags of souvenirs from the place, and thought Ted was unlucky for not living anywhere near Times Square. Punchy likes the billboards in Times Square as opposed to everything else in New York.

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