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Alan Thicke was a Canadian actor best known for his role as father Jason Seaver on the American sitcom, Growing Pains. He also worked with Robin back during her time as Robin Sparkles.


The gang first learned of his association with Robin when viewing the video for Sandcastles in the Sand. He appeared as Robin's stern father in the video along with actress Tiffany and Simon.

Thicke and Robin kept touch after this and Lily enlisted Thicke's help to break up Barney and Robin by reminding them of their 'Canadian-American debate'. After failing to ignite a fight, Thicke joined Lily, Ted and Barney back in the bar for drinks. There, he revealed that he and Robin also were in an embarrassing variety show prompting Barney to depart on a search for the next piece of the Robin Sparkles saga.

Presumably, Barney found it in Space Teens, a kids show starring Robin Sparkles and Jessica Glitter. Alan Thicke appeared on the show giving them missions and math problems to solve. When Jessica and Robin were reunited in the Hoser Hut, Thicke was behind the bar with each hand inside of a beaver dancing along.

Thicke re-appears in P.S. I Love You, when Barney goes to his apartment, believing that Robin once stalked him.  The two get into a fight, with Thicke ending up winning and giving Barney a black eye (despite Barney thinking it was a draw).

Thicke appears in The Rehearsal Dinner ice skating at Barney's surprise Canadian themed rehearsal dinner for Robin.

Episode Appearances

  1. Sandcastles in the Sand
  2. The Rough Patch
  3. Glitter
  4. P.S. I Love You
  5. The Rehearsal Dinner

Notes and Trivia

  • In real life, Thicke passed away on 14 December 2016, more than two-and-a-half years after the show has concluded.
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