Aldrin Justice is Lily Aldrin's personal technique of punishing people.

The basic premise of it is when someone "misbehaves" around Lily, she punishes them by "taking one of their toys away" (i.e. something of value to them). This annoys the gang a lot and they continuously tell her to return the stolen items.

It was originally used to punish students in her kindergarten class but this doesn't stop her using it on adults as well. She normally returns the items by the end of the episode.


  1. Pre-Aldrin Justice - Lily said she had punished a salesman, who was being mean to Robin, by taking his cream khakis off him. It was revealed Robin had given them to Ted. This is the only time she never returned the stolen item.
  2. Aldrin Justice - Lily punished Ted's boss by taking his baseball, that had been signed by Pete Rose three times. She returned it later on.
  3. Blitzgiving - Lily stole a toy turkey from Zoey after Ted and her had an argument. It was revealed that the toy was for Zoey's step-daughter. The gang used this later on to make up with her.
  4. The Ashtray - After the Captain was a jerk towards Lily, she took an expensive ashtray off him. When she met him later, she returned it.
  5. Bass Player Wanted - Lily tells the Mother to steal the van of her troublemaking bandmate Darren. The Mother followed Lily's advice but returned the van after confronting him.

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