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Kickboxing instructor/waitress
Barney Stinson (one-night stand)
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Anna was the girl Barney slept with (while pretending to be Ted) in Ted Mosby: Architect.

She also made a second, short appearance in The Bracket, when Barney returned to his ex-lovers to determine who was the mystery woman warning other women about him. Anna informs Barney that she created a website call and Barney (still pretending to be Ted) tells Anna he does deserve that and decides to make it known. He then stands on a table saying that he, Ted Mosby, is a jerk and that all the women should stay away from him.

Episode Appearances

  1. Ted Mosby: Architect
  2. The Bracket

Notes and Trivia

  • Anna created the website The website would gain 400,000 hits, due to Barney still pretending to be Ted Mosby.

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