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Arthur Hobbs
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Artillery Arthur
Darlene (ex-wife)
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Arthur Hobbs was Marshall Eriksen's boss at certain points during his career as a corporate lawyer. He has a high position at Goliath National Bank as Barney can be fired by him even though Barney is in the Management Team. He is known as Artillery Arthur for the "military" manner in which he treats his subordinates.

Show Outline

Season 3

In 2008, while working at Nicholson, Hewitt & West, he has a shouting row with Marshall, which brings Marshall down emotionally. The embarrassment is such that Marshall asks his friends for help. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't end up taking Barney's advice based on "The Chain of Screaming", and shouts at his boss before quitting his job. (The Chain of Screaming​)

Season 5

In late 2009, Arthur gets hired at GNB, where it turns out that he doesn't even remember Marshall's name. However, as Marshall and Barney point out later, this indifference is a cause for worry, as Arthur fires people he doesn't bond with. But when Marshall goes on the roof for some fresh air and finds Arthur smoking there, he decides to try and bond with him over cigarettes, until Arthur gets a heart attack which causes him to quit smoking. (Last Cigarette Ever)

Season 6

Since then, Arthur not only remembers Marshall's name, but changes his attitude with him to a friendly one, going as far as calling him (and Barney) the "future" of Goliath National Bank. (Natural History)

Arthur has a wife, Darlene, and kids but prefers to talk about his dog, Tugboat, who made an appearance in a promotional film for GNB. (Canning Randy​)

When Marshall quits GNB to become an environmental lawyer, Arthur is secretly angry at his betrayal and blatantly lies to every interviewer that Marshall goes to after quitting, sabotaging his chances of being hired. (The Perfect Cocktail)

Arthur and Darlene later get a divorce, but Darlene keeps Tugboat, which Arthur takes very badly. He replaces Tugboat with an unnamed dog who he describes as a "disappointment". He eventually calms down when Marshall gives him a comforting hug, ending their feud. (Landmarks)

Season 8

In October 2012, Arthur advises Barney to get a pre-nup. Barney tells him that he trusts Quinn, but Arthur scares him by telling him what happened to him after his divorce. Barney then prepares a pre-nup, with the help of Arthur, with includes preposterous terms, leaving Quinn outraged. Quinn then decides to prepare a pre-nup of her own with the help of the girls, which terms just as preposterous as Barney's. However, Arthur helps them by asking them to talk to each other about their feelings. It's later seen that by the time Barney and Robin get engaged, it appears that Arthur has gotten back custody over Tugboat. (The Pre-Nup)


  • Spouse: Darlene (ex-wife)
  • Children: Two unnamed kids
  • Pet(s): Tugboat, one unnamed dog

Episode Appearances

  1. The Chain of Screaming
  2. Last Cigarette Ever
  3. Canning Randy
  4. Natural History
  5. Garbage Island
  6. The Perfect Cocktail
  7. Landmarks
  8. Challenge Accepted
  9. The Pre-Nup


  • When introducing The Captain to Barney and Marshall , he says they originally met each other during a production of Guys & Dolls at Exeter, suggesting he's an alumnus of renowned college preperatory school Phillips-Exeter Academy in New Hampshire.

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