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January 19, 2009

Every year I take the top 25 party schools and arrange them on a bingo card. The rules are simple*: Sleep with a collegiate hottie then mark her school on the board. Bingo = five in a row in any direction – up, down, across, upside down, missionary, etc.


  • following prerequisites must be met for Bingo

1. Students must be currently enrolled. Don’t think you can knock Florida off your list just by visiting a strip club in Gainsville.

2. Spring break acquisitions may NOT be applied toward your Bingo sheet. This is supposed to be a challenge.

3. Students shall have completed one credit hour of a foreign language.

4. College mascots / members of the dance team will be considered invalid.

5. Student must be attending university in person – “getting a degree” online does not count in the same way that “having sex” online does not count.

6. Any conquests achieved during a 24 hour period following that school’s college world series win, NCAA basketball tournament triumph, or BCS bowl victory will be considered null and void.

7. Have fun!

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