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This entry is in response to the episode Old King Clancy.

Oh Canada

March 23, 2009

An experienced lover like me is pretty familiar with the various ins, outs and ins of pretty much any sexual encounter. But I wasn't born that way. It took work. Now we've all heard the phrase practice makes perfect, but how do you take it to the next level? You put your nose to the grindstone and do some good ol' fashioned research.

It was in doing that research that I stumbled upon a treasure trove of information from the most unlikely of sources: Canada - America's frozen helmet. The biggest surprise isn't that they're into some freaky sex acts (after all, their national vehicle is the zam-BONE-i), it's the fact that they knew how to turn a computer on.

So without further ado, allow me to present to you:

Study it. You never know when you might find yourself north of the border and south of her's.

Notes and Trivia

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  • The title of this blog post is a reference to the Canadian national anthem, O Canada
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