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Bilson is an employee at Goliath National Bank.

Show Outline

He first appears with Blauman in Barney's office greeting new employee Marshall, commenting Marshall's tie as "steak sauce".

He then appears in Woooo! as part as the new building taskforce. He initially had intended for Sven to design and build the New GNB headquarters. Barney then tells him that the job should go to an American architect and agrees. He is seen along with Barney interviewing Ted. He liked Ted and wanted him to get the job but the job goes to Sven because of Barney. After Barney fired Sven he gave the job to Ted, Marshall and Barney blame Bilson for Ted not getting the job in the first place, but after a while Marshall told Ted the truth.

In Benefits, Marshall thinks Bilson judges him for "Reading a Magazine".

He mocks a fellow worker in Sorry, Bro because that guy injured himself playing basketball with them. After Barney cut up Marshall's pants he makes fun of Marshall with his co-workers.

Bilson hates all of Ted's ideas for the new GNB building, he then tells Barney and Marshall to fire Ted after the corporation decide to cut back on new expenditures. (Old King Clancy)

Ted is then offered a job to build a ETR (a place where people get fired), but he adds his own elements to the design. He is promptly fired by Bilson. Right after firing Ted, Bilson answers the phone saying "Hi honey." after which Ted hits him with a chair.


  • Spouse: Unnamed Partner

Episode Appearances

  1. Life Among the Gorillas
  2. The Chain of Screaming
  3. Woooo!
  4. Benefits
  5. Sorry, Bro
  6. Old King Clancy
  7. The Leap (Flashback only)

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