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Self-employed: sells custom handbags
Ted Mosby (dated)
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Blah Blah (actual name Carol), who prefers to be called "Blah", is a girl Ted dates during the events of How I Met Everyone Else. Blah Blah met Ted while playing World of Warcraft, although she insisted on having him tell the gang that they met in a cooking class (though Ted only told them that they "met online").

When Ted brought her to MacLaren's, he ended up recounting the tale of how [he] met everyone else. She revealed herself to be on the wrong side of the line on the hot crazy scale. Ted also told Blah Blah that when Lily met Marshall for the first time, she was looking for Ted. When Ted told Blah Blah how he met Robin she gets jealous.

Throughout the night she tries to top Robin because she was jealous.

In Rabbit or Duck, Lily mentions her and says that she is committed into Bellevue Hospital Center (most likely their psychiatric ward, given her crazy personality).

In Gary Blauman, her real name is revealed to be Carol.

Episode Appearances

  1. How I Met Everyone Else
  2. Rabbit or Duck (mentioned only)
  3. Gary Blauman
  4. Last Forever - Part Two

Notes and Trivia

  • Blah Blah makes custom handbags which have been sold in Japan.
  • Blah Blah is the first character whose name Future Ted can't remember, the second being Honey.
  • Her name is probably something like Caroline or Carolyn as she prefers to be called Carol.
  • Blah Blah made Robin's list of Ted's five worst relationships coming in at number 5.
  • According to Lily, Blah Blah is committed to Bellevue Hospital Center, a psychiatric care facility at the time of Rabbit or Duck.

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