Bob Barker
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Robert William Barker
December 12, 1923
Game show host
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Bob Barker is an American retired television game show host best known for hosting The Price Is Right.

When Barney Stinson was a kid, he asked his mother, Loretta, who his father was. She pointed at the TV while The Price Is Right was on and said "that guy." Throughout his life, Barney believed that Bob Barker was his dad.

He appeared as himself in Showdown​. In the same episode, Barney makes an appearance on the game show, with the purpose of winning the Showcase and confess his identity to the host. He eventually ends up performing admirably in the game by arriving at the Showcase and winning both showcases. Just as the end credits are about to roll, Barney requests a final word. But he can't get himself to tell Bob that he's his son and ends up congratulating him for the 35 years he hosted the game and hugging him.

In Cleaning House​, Barney admits to the gang that he knows that Bob Barker can't be his dad, but he believed it because it made him feel special.

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