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"A bro that puts all other bros to shame"

Barney Stinson, The Autumn of Break-Ups


Also Known As
Mr. Sprinkles
First Appearance

Brover or Mr. Sprinkles was Barney's wingman in The Autumn of Break-Ups. One day Barney saw a male dog abandoning a female dog on a porch after an implied one-night stand. In the fall of 2012, Barney introduces his new wingman, Brover, to Robin and Nick. They decide to have Barney over for dinner, since Robin thinks that he is lonely and he shows up at Robin's apartment with Brover all-suited-up. Barney talks about how amazing Brover is with the ladies. He explains that being a bro is a two-way street, and recounts the many ways in which he helps Brover out with the ladies while they're out for walks. However, as Nick is ready to distribute the food, Barney receives a call from Brover's original owner and wants the dog back. Now emotionally attached to the dog, Barney wants to jump off the balcony out of despair and Robin stops him, offering to accompany him in returning the dog. The two head to another apartment, where an attractive woman appears and claims the dog. The woman mistakes Barney and Robin as a couple, causing Robin to act like a lesbian and leave Barney with the woman.


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