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But...umm is a phrase which Robin used constantly on her show Come On, Get Up New York!, when interviewing people, as well as in her normal life. This phrase is first focused in Jenkins, although it is used by Robin in earlier episodes.
Robin's Word ( But ummm)

Robin's Word ( But ummm)


In Jenkins, Robin encounters fans of her pre-morning news show. When she met the boys at the college bar, one of Ted's students comes over to tell her that he's a big fan of her work. Full of pride, she interrupts Ted's class the next day to loudly announce that she is the host of the show. After she leaves, the class explains that they are fans because her show comes on as their night of drinking is coming to an end, and her interjection, "but...umm" is the basis for a drinking game (whenever Robin says this, the students take a shot).

Ted and Barney test this game the next night, watching Robin's show, and get thoroughly drunk. After Robin continues to brag about her wide viewership, Ted explains the drinking game. That night, his class invites him out to join their game. Robin gets her revenge and decides to repeat the phrase "but...umm" excessively, prompting those playing the game to drink every time. In another bar, Jenkins is also playing the same drinking game and is still drunk the next morning when she kisses Marshall. The next day, Ted and his students are hungover from last night. Robin then visits them and talks through a megaphone, ending with one loud "But...umm".

The phrase came again later in the season, in Of Course, when Robin was interviewing Anita for her books.

Robin said "But...umm" during her conversation with Lily in the bathroom in Best Prom Ever.

Robin said "But...umm" during her conversation with Brad in Ted Mosby: Architect.

Robin said "But...umm" when first explaining encounter with a celebrity in Old King Clancy.

Robin said "But...umm" twice when explaining to Barney that Pauline was the 200th during Right Place, Right Time.

Robin said "But...umm" during her conversation with Barney defining their relationship in Definitions.

Robin said "But...umm" during her conversation with Ted at the hair salon in Doppelgangers.

Robin said "But...umm" during her conversation with Kevin about not wearing pants in Noretta.

Robin said "But...umm" during her conversation with her father about Barney being called "B-Dog" in Something Old.

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