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Crazy Eyes
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Employee at Costa Coffee
Marshall (one date)
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Chloe was the only girl that Marshall successfully took on a date in the time he was separated from Lily. She is a barista who works in a coffee house called Costa Coffee.

She seemed cool to Marshall but Ted and Barney saw her and told Marshall that she had "The Crazy Eyes". Later she calls Marshall and says that she is being followed by a humped midget. Marshall thought she broke a picture of him and Lily. All of this makes Marshall think that she has the crazy eyes after all and asks to see into her eyes. Lily thinks that they are going to kiss so she breaks them up by jumping between them.

Lily admits that she was doing all the things Marshall thought was crazy about Chloe. This is the episode Lily and Marshall get back together again and they forget about Chloe in the apartment while they are at MacLaren's. When they get back Chloe is still there and she has wrecked the place stating that she had "lost her keys" proving Ted and Barney's crazy-eyes theory. She wasn't seen again after this episode.

Notes and Trivia

  • Chloe mistakenly writes Barney's name on his coffee cup as "Swarley", and, in doing this, she started the trend of Barney being referred to as Swarley.

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