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Claudia Grice
Stuart (husband)
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Claudia Grice and her husband Stuart, have been friends of the gang since sometime before 2005.

Show Outline

Season 1

In January of 2006, Stuart and Claudia were getting married after being together for three years (despite the fact that Claudia was way out of Stuart's league, according to Barney). Ted, Barney, Marshall and Lily were all invited to the wedding. Since Robin had just broken up with Derek, Ted decided to invite her to be his "plus one". Ted ran into Claudia on the street and the stressed-out bride-to-be angrily told him that he couldn't bring a guest to the wedding because he hadn't checked "plus one" on the invitation. When Ted went around Claudia's back and got permission from Stuart, it triggered a fight and Stuart broke up with Claudia the day before the wedding.

The distraught Claudia called Lily and told her that her father who had paid for the wedding that cost $400,000 was going kill her and Ted for screwing it up. She headed over to MacLaren's Pub to get drunk. There, she ran into Barney who comforted her and remembered her favorite drink: vodka cranberry. She lamented that, at 28, she had only ever been with one man. Fortunately Lily arrived and stopped Barney from hitting on Claudia any more. Stuart arrived after talking to Marshall and Ted and the couple made up. They were happily married the next day. (The Wedding​)

The couple took their honeymoon in Hawaii. Before boarding the plane, Stuart convinced Claudia to apologize for snapping at Ted on the phone and because of that, Ted was able to reunite with Victoria who he met at the wedding. (Drumroll, Please)

Season 4

When Stuart's drinking problem grew out of hand, Claudia was among those at his intervention. The gang found it to be such a moving experience, they started holding interventions for other things. (Intervention)

Season 6

In 2010, Stuart and Claudia had a daughter. At first they couldn't agree on a name but when the baby got sick and they couldn't admit her to the hospital without a name, in unison they agreed on "Esther". (Baby Talk)

Season 9

Stuart pretended to buy Lily and Marshall a coffee maker for their wedding that Ted actually got them because it helped his relationship with Claudia, who thought that he was a thoughtful man, and decided in that moment not to leave him. However, Stuart is shown to be cheating on Claudia during Robin and Barney's wedding weekend. (The Poker Game)


  • Spouse: Stuart
  • Father: Claudia's father, who paid for the huge wedding.
  • Daughter(s): Esther
  • Cousin(s): Lindsay
  • In-law(s): Stuart's mother, Tiffany (Claudia shot this down as a name for the baby because it was a "whore's name"), Stuart's brother (Claudia sent him topless pics when she was considering divorce)

Episode Appearances

  1. The Wedding
  2. Drumroll, Please
  3. Intervention
  4. Baby Talk
  5. The Poker Game

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