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Come On, Get Up New York!

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Come On, Get Up New York! is a news program, airing at 4 A.M. on Channel 12 every day, which was hosted by Robin, alongside Don and later Becky.

The show has been a prominent feature in many episodes. The entire gang (minus Robin) meet at Marshall and Lily's Apartment to (try to) watch her show in The Front Porch​. The rest of the Gang's inability to tune in on most occasions is a running gag. Robin interviews Marshall on the show in Zoo or False. Robin first meets Don, her ex-boyfriend, by working together on the show.

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Due to the time that the program airs, the show has very few viewers (According to Robin, she has a stalker, named Leonard. But not even he watches it). Among the few who do are the students in Ted's architecture class, who are still at the bar. A running gag is that Robin, when discussing her work, will ask the gang if they watch her show, and become disappointed when they reveal they don't. This has not affected Robin's work ethic, as she still strives to remain as professional as possible while on the air. However, this trait has not carried over into her co-workers, and there are many times where their lack of professionalism and enthusiasm for the show have been seen.

For example, in Last Cigarette Ever, Don points out that no-one watches their show; that even the camera-man had left, and propped the camera upright with a chair, and then tries to convince Robin to smoke on air. Mike encourages Becky to talk about her dating life on air in Baby Talk​, against Robin's protests.



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