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For Steve "The Blitz" Henry, see Steve Henry.The Curse of the Blitz is a curse that results in the victim missing epic, and sometimes miraculous, occurrences. The effect is so strong that the victim's absence is sometimes thought to be the very cause of the epic events.

The Curse of the Blitz was named for Wesleyan University student Matt Blitz who left the school just before it became co-ed. The curse was passed on to Davey Beaterman then Jerry Windheim. In 1997, Jerry passed it on to Steve "The Blitz" Henry who would remain cursed for over a decade.

The night before Thanksgiving of 2010, Steve would briefly pass on the curse to his friend Ted Mosby. Ted missed an epic evening but was fortunate enough to pass it on to Barney Stinson almost immediately. In the short time that Barney was cursed, he would miss numerous events, from his friends accidentally ending up in the Thanksgiving Day Parade to a coin landing on its side. However, Steve's freedom from the curse would be short-lived as, at the close of the Thanksgiving festivities, the curse would again return to him. (Blitzgiving​​)

Notes and Trivia

  • The HIMYM Production Twitter proclaimed, "Fun fact: Blitz is the last name of our Writers' PA" [1]. They are referring to Matt Blitz, a member of the production staff.
  • The term "Blitz" is German for lightning. This may be an allusion to the bad luck of the rare person who happens to be struck by lightning.
  • The actor who plays the blitz is also the same actor who plays Hurley in LOST, who in the show Lost has bad luck. Also when Zoey asks for random numbers Steve, the blitz, says 4,8,15,16,23,42 which are the mysterious numbers in the show LOST.
  • In Blitzgiving all the characters who don the Blitz moniker refuse to acknowledge the fact that they have the curse. Ted says "Not that I am the blitz but guys, can you come with me?" and when Barney says "No! I'm not the blitz" and the Blitz says "Sorry. I have lived on that side for too long", and "don't be that kind of Blitz."
  • The song Barney and Marshall created was called "My Blitzy Lies Over The Sea".
  • Marshall, Lily, Steve, Zoey, and Robin say 'The gentlemen!", which Ted missed out on, because he was the Blitz.
  • Matt Blitz is actually a returning character; Marshall first mentions him in S5:E8 and refers to him as an account in his office.