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For the character of Marshall and Lily's daughter, see Daisy Eriksen.

HIMYM episode 9x20 (204)

First aired:
March 10, 2014
Pamela Fryman
Carter Bays
Craig Thomas
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Marshall enlists Ted and Barney to help him figure out where Lily went when she left in the middle of their fight. Meanwhile, Robin's mother recollects the bad traits in her ex-husband, which are very similar to Barney's traits.


At Sunday, 2 p.m., 4 hours before the wedding, still euphoric over her mother's sudden appearance, Robin asks how she was able to make it despite a fear of flying. Genevieve says she somehow got over the fear despite panicking on board and accidentally opening the exit door, resulting in her being restrained to her seat by duct tape. Genevieve asks Robin more about Barney and immediately makes comparisons to Robin Sr. However, Genevieve's various descriptions of Robin Sr. aggravate Robin and Lily because the similarities with Barney make Robin think she's about to marry someone like him.

Meanwhile, as Marshall discusses his upcoming judgeship with Ted, Barney, Ranjit and Billy Zabka, he admits he feels guilty due to Lily's desire to move to Italy as well as confused at her just changing her mind while she was gone. Zabka claims he saw Lily leaving a nearby convenience store in a car that turns out to be owned by the Captain. Marshall, Ted, Barney, Zabka, and Ranjit go over to the Captain's estate house to confront him and discover he's engaged to Robin's old colleague Becky. The Captain insists that nothing happened between him and Lily, who reportedly came to use the powder room. When the Captain brings Ted a daisy he stores in the powder room, Ted uses the opportunity to analyze Lily's actions over the past several days.

Ted claims that Marshall's recent absence prompted Lily to smoke whenever she could and also remembers her efforts to keep secrets. Ted adds that her fight with Marshall made her smoke one last cigarette in the powder room, deducing that the cigarette may be in the daisy's vase. However, the gang finds a used pregnancy test in the vase, with the result being positive. It is revealed that Lily wanted Linus to serve her non-alcoholic drinks all weekend long because she threw up during the train trip to Farhampton and feared she might be pregnant, later buying the test kit at the store.

The men return to the Farhampton Inn, where Marshall reconciles with Lily over her pregnancy and tells her they are moving to Italy to allow her to pursue her dream. Barney is introduced to his mother-in-law-to-be, whom he happily embraces. Noting that Barney is a hugger, Genevieve brings Robin to the balcony and tries to ease her wedding jitters.

The story flashes forward to Rome a year later. Seeing that Lily's eating too much Funyuns, Marshall invites her, Marvin, his mother Judy, and Mickey to eat gelato ice cream. It is revealed Marshall and Lily's second child is a girl named Daisy.


  • Marshall, Barney and Ted are trying to figure out where Lily went when she left him after the fight, which occurred between the ending of Unpause and the ending of Sunrise.
  • It is revealed that Lily threw up on the train on her way to Farhampton; she rode the train in The Locket.
  • When Marshall punches the Captain, the shot vaguely echoes the time when Marshall punched the man who stole Lily's credit card back in Where Were We?​​
  • Marshall says he has pretended to have a duel with actual swords twice. These duels occurred in The Duel and Last Time in New York.
  • Robin's mother mentions many things that her husband did to her which indicated that their marriage would fall apart. These are all references to things Barney did in The Magician's Code - Part Two​​, The Ashtray, No Questions Asked, The Lighthouse​​ and The Rehearsal Dinner.
  • Ted thinks Lily left to go smoke, however Lily quit sometime between Last Cigarette Ever and Big Days​​ (AKA, when she started trying to get pregnant). Of course that's something Future Ted is aware of, but present Ted is only aware that Lily quit when she started to try to become pregnant and came to the (incorrect) assumption that the pressure of being apart from Marshall caused her to start stress smoking when Marshall and Marvin left for Minnesota.
  • Flashbacks are shown from throughout the season when Ted is explaining his theory.
  • Kevin's theory that people are attracted to other people who are similar to their parents, first introduced in Noretta​​, is seen again in this episode when Genevieve highlights in this episode how much Robin's father and Barney are similar.
  • The flashbacks shown when Ted was starting to realize Lily's secret were from Coming Back and The Rehearsal Dinner.
  • Ted mentions The Mosby Boys again. The Mosby Boys and Ted's "detective skills" were first mentioned in Dowisetrepla.
  • Ted ends a scenario with "What do you do? Go." This was a key line used by Bilson in Life Among the Gorillas.
  • Marshall used the line "C'mon, Bro, don't bogart the Funyuns" repeatedly in Romeward Bound.
  • Marshall says "I can walk that far". This is a reference to his line in Bedtime Stories; in that episode, it was a reference to the "five word sentences" explained by Future Ted in Three Days of Snow​​.
  • In the flashforward to one year later in Italy, Mickey and Judy are seen to be in a relationship. This was first shown in The Over-Correction.
  • People are heard booing William Zabka again. This was first shown in Mom and Dad.
  • Becky is seen engaged to the Captain. Ted thought he saw a prominent picture of Becky at the captain's house in events seen in The Ashtray.
  • Genevieve's fear of flights is first mentioned in The Lighthouse​.
  • Lily's inability to keep a secret is once again mentioned. In The Rehearsal Dinner she even denies this inability like she does in this episode.

Future References (Contains Spoilers)


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Memorable Quotes

Marshall: Why did she get into the captain's car and why didn't she tell me about it?
Ted: Well, maybe it was a work thing.
Marshall: What? No! She has a big fight with me, she goes down to an Easy Pick, she gets into the Captain's Mercedes, and then three hours later she doesn't wanna go to Italy anymore? Wait, does this mean...?
Barney: That the Captain moored his dinghy into Lily's lagoon? Most definitely.
Ted: That's crazy. You never moor a dinghy into a lagoon.
Billy Zabka: I don't know Ted. In certain tidal conditions if you were in a protected inlet...
Marshall: Ok, you know what? It doesn't matter. Today's Barney's wedding, let's just forget it.
Barney: Marshall, do you want to go to the Captain's house right now, punch him in the face really fast and then come back and do this wedding?
Marshall: ...Will that be okay?
Barney: Ranjit, get the car.
Ranjit: Getting the car.

Ted: When Lily and Marshall are apart for an extended period of time, what is the one thing Lily always does?
Marshall: Cry?
Barney: Masturbate?
Billy Zabka: Karate?
The Captain: Go sailing?

Ted: You need a cigarette, the closest store is an Easy-Pick five miles down the road, you have no car, what do you do? Go.
Billy Zabka: Dirt bike.
Marshall: I can walk that far.
Barney: Masturbate.
The Captain: Take a boat.
Ted: A boat? Dude, she got in your car remember?

Ted: You're Lily, you just had a cigarette in your boss's powder room, where do you put it? Flush it? Throw it out the window?
Marshall: No, she wouldn't do any of those things, she's an environmentalist.
Ted: Put it in your purse?
Billy Zabka: Marshall would find it there.
Ranjit: Throw it in the trash can.
Becky: The Captain would find it there.
The Captain: Hide it in a boat.
Ted: A boat? Why would...?
The Captain: I don't know, I just like boats.
Marshall: No, there's only one place she'd put it, where it would eventually decompose and serve as a natural mulch. It's in the daisy!
Ted: And sure enough, if I dig through I am all but guaranteed to... Pregnancy test?
Billy Zabka: You can smoke those?

Lily: Are you okay, Robin?
Robin: No I'm not okay because apparently I'm marrying my dad in a few hours.
Genevieve: Oh sweetie, I'm sure that's not true. I mean, there's so much you don't know about your father. There were so many other red flags in our marriage. I mean, for instance, did you know that before he was engaged to me, he was engaged to marry an exotic dancer? Hello...RED FLAG!
Lily: Oh, Genevieve, not good.
Genevieve: And, did you know that one time, to impress women, he dressed up like a Prussian aristocrat, had a painting of himself made, and posed next to it in an art gallery. Can you imagine?
Lily: That's a rough one.
Genevieve: Darling, darling. The list goes on. He would always take his mother's side in arguments. He would never check with me before making plans. And our rehearsal dinner...boy, did we have it out right before our rehearsal diner (...) For the first 10 years I knew him, I didn't even know what your father did for a living. Every time I used to ask him, he'd always used to say--
Lily: PLEASE!!
Genevieve: Yes, that was exactly what he used to say. How did you know that? (noticing Robin's worry) Oh darling, come on, no, no, you're not marrying your father. I mean, your father...I mean, let's just put it this way: your father was a sociopath. He slept with over 20 women. And sure you know, we were friends for years and it was entertaining watching him lie to those poor girls to get inside their snow pants, but I should have known back then this wasn't husband material. I mean, even your Uncle Jim, you know, his gay black brother.

Notes and Trivia

Goofs and Errors

  • When Lily was revealed to be throwing up on the train to Farhampton, her hair was slightly wavy (exactly how her hair looks like in this episode) but on the next shot when she's back on her seat, her hair was shown sleek and straight.
    • She probably had a comb in her purse the try to straighten it again.
  • When Lily gets off of the phone with Ted, Robin says "The saltine challenge? Now?", but the phone wasn't on speaker nor did Lily tell Robin what he said so it's unknown how she knew what Ted said.
  • When Genevieve lists the things Robin's dad and Barney have in common, she mentions dressing up like a Prussian aristocrat and standing next to a painting of himself, but in The Ashtray, it was repeated that Barney wasn't at the gallery and eventually, Ted made that story up.
    • However, Barney did have a play like that in his playbook, so he might have performed it prior to or after the episode takes place.
  • When Barney hugs Robin's mom (Genevieve), she said that her husband (Robin Scherbatsky Sr.) is not a hugger. But in the scene on Band or DJ? when Robin puts out her hand to shake hands with her father, Robin's father refuses it and wants her to hug him. It shows that Robin Scherbatsky Sr. is a hugger.
    • However, in Band or DJ? Robin's parents were divorced and her father had become more fun, so he could have not been a hugger during his marriage to Genevieve but was after he married his second wife, Carol.
    • We know that Robin's father was not a hugger prior to Band or DJ? because Robin is completely shocked when he refuses the hand shake and wants a hug instead. Hugging is obviously very out of character for him.
  • Lily wanted to put off moving to Italy because she thought her upcoming child (Daisy) could not be President (of the United States) if she is born in Italy.  However, Daisy would not automatically be disqualified from being President or even a US citizen solely on the basis of being born outside the US.[1]
    • This is a common misconception that is often touted as fact.

Allusions and Outside References

  • The Captain's exchange with his housekeeping staff is taken from the Gilbert + Sullivan operetta "H.M.S. PInafore" (specifically, from the preamble to the song "My gallant crew, good morning").
Moreover, the lines:
Ted: Lily never chews gum.
The Captain: What, never?
Ted: Well, hardly ever.
allude to the exchange "What, never? / No, never! / What, never? / Well, hardly ever!" in that song.


You're All Alone - John Swihart

Other Notes

  • It is revealed that Marshall and Lily are going to have another child, a daughter named Daisy.
  • This is the last episode in the series where The Mother does not make an on-screen appearance.   
  • At the start of the second scene, there's a little girl running across the screen before the guys are eating breakfast, maybe a reference to Lily's big announcement at the end of the episode.
  • At one point, Ted says, "It's crazy how much has taken place in a day and a half," lampshading the premise of the entire ninth season. 
  • In Robots Versus Wrestlers, Barney said that if Marshall and Lily will have a daughter, he'll "bang" her when she'll be 18. Daisy will turn 18 in 2032, a couple of years after Future Ted tells his kids the story of how he met their mother.
  • In a deleted scene of that episode, Ted realizes that what really happened in The Pineapple Incident is that he stole The Captain's pineapple from the front of his house when he was drunk. [2]




  • Donna Bowman of the A.V. Club gave this episode a B+.[3]
  • Max Nicholson of IGN gave the episode a 7.3 out of 10.[4]
  • Angel Cohn of Television Without Pity gave the episode a B. [5]
  • The St. Petersburg Comic Review gave this episode 8.5 out of 10 stars. "...Ranjit never had a driver's license."


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