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Unnamed ex-husband
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"Kids, they don't understand logic, kids understand who shows up."

~Daphne to Marshall

Daphne is a woman who Marshall establishes a love/hate relationship with.


In The Locket, Marshall is taking a plane to New York, from Minnesota, where he delays the flight by talking on the phone with his mother. Daphne, the passenger beside him, gets in a fight over the phone and subsequently gets kicked off the plane. The two then discover there is only one more seat for one last flight to New York.

In Coming Back, Daphne and Marshall discover that there is a storm, which has cancelled all flights to and from New York, causing them to rush to the rental dealership to acquire a car. When Marshall receives the keys to the very last car at the dealership, the two make a deal: Daphne will go get a baby seat for Marvin, and then they will split the drive to New York. Daphne leaves, seemingly ditching Marshall, but soon returns demanding that she picks the music, and Marshall pays for gas, to which Marshall agrees.


  • Spouse:  Unnamed ex-husband
  • Daughter(s): Shandra

Episode Appearances

  1. The Locket
  2. Coming Back
  3. Last Time in New York
  4. The Poker Game
  5. Knight Vision
  6. No Questions Asked
  7. The Lighthouse​​​​​
  8. Mom and Dad


  1. What the Damn Hell


  • Daphne's possibly a Star Trek fan as Marshall called her a "Trekkie".