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Daryl LaCoutre
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Creepy Daryl
The Three Hackmigos - Hack Store at Wesleyan University
Unknown Guy who he met on Craigslist (who said he was a woman)
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Daryl LaCourte is Marshall and Lily's acquaintance from Wesleyan.


In 1996, Daryl became obsessed with Marshall and Lily after playing a game of hacky sack with them.

In 2012, they run into Daryl, who lives down the street from the Wesleyan campus and has a hacky sack stand at Wesleyan, called "The Three Hackmigos", after him, Marshall and Lily. Daryl invited Marshall and Lily to his house to "give them something". He takes them to the basement of their house, making Marshall and Lily scared they think he is going to murder them, which they blurt out when he returns with his hands behind his back. However, Daryl tells them that he only wanted to give them a check for a hundred thousand dollars for coming up with the idea of "The Three Hackmigos" with him. Lily apologizes to him but he says it's fine and he doesn't need the their validations since he is doing great, 'The Three Hackmigos' having become a lucrative franchise. He then tears the check, instead of giving it to them. (The Final Page - Part One)

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