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For MacLaren's bartender, see Doug.
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Nicholas Roget-King
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Lily (crush)
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Doug is a student of Lily's kindergarten class.

In Monday Night Football, Marshall is hiding out with Lily and her kindergarten class. Doug sees an opportunity for profit when he learns Marshall is trying to avoid hearing the score of the Super Bowl. He extorts 10 bucks from Marshall but continues to torment Marshall because he is in love with Lily. Marshall finally gets Doug off his back by blackmailing him with a splash of juice in his lap and the embarrassment of being seen with wet pants.

He appears again in Little Boys, with his father George, when Lily set Robin up on a date with George she ends up meeting Doug.

Robin and Doug actually hit it off. However, when Robin decides to break up with George before Doug becomes attached to her, Lily shows Robin a picture that Doug has drawn of "his new mommy." Despite Robin claiming otherwise, everyone else believes the woman in the picture is Robin. Lily informs Robin that if she breaks up with George, she must break up with Doug as well.

Robin goes to see Doug and takes advantage of the fact that he has never been dumped before by using "every cliché in the book" but she is interrupted by the arrival of George's new girlfriend, Brooke, whom she realizes is actually the woman in Doug's drawing. Lily tries to comfort Robin after her break up, but cannot believe she was dumped by a six year old.


Episode Appearances

  1. Monday Night Football
  2. Little Boys

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