Doug Martin
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Doug Martin
Bartender at MacLaren's Pub
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Doug Martin is a bartender in MacLaren's Pub.

Show Outline

Season 4

He is hot-tempered, loyal and wears a toupee (about which he is very defensive). He once beat up three men for sitting in the gang's booth. He remembered it differently i.e. that Ted and Barney had helped him. When the truth was explained to him he took it calmly and casually dissed Ted. Ted responded with a punch and Doug knocked him out. Marshall defended his friend by knocking Doug out in return, and grabbing his toupee. (The Fight)

Season 7

Years later, Barney and Ted open a bar in The apartment named Puzzles, and recruit Doug, who is not wearing his toupee, to be the bar's bouncer. (Tailgate​)


Future Ted: I've told you kids about Doug right? I haven't? Oh... Well, Doug Martin was a bartender at MacLaren's. He was always kind of 'around'.

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Future Ted retroactively points out that he was also around during:

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