Farhampton Inn


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Farhampton, Long Island

Farhampton Inn is the inn where the gang and the wedding guests stay for Barney and Robin's wedding, and is the main setting of Season 9. The inn is accompanied by the legend of Captain Blazby Dearduff, a Nineteenth Century sea captain whose ghost is said to reside in Room 13.

The Farhampton Inn is also the setting of several flash forwards between Ted Mosby and The Mother.



All of the following characters stayed at or visited the Inn sometime during the weekend of Barney and Robin's wedding.

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Notes And Trivia

  • The Castle Hill Inn, that sits on the coasts of Newport, Rhode Island, USA, is the inn used to show the exterior of the Farhampton Inn. [1]
  • According to Band or DJ?, Barney and Robin's reception will take place in a large white tent outside of the Inn. In The End of the Aisle when Robin flees the church, she is seen running through the reception tent, where she meets The Mother.
  • The Farhampton Inn has made an appearance in every episode in Season 9 with the exception of Bedtime Stories and Gary Blauman
  • When The Mother checks into the Farhampton Inn after declining Louis' proposal, she is given Room 6, right next to Ted. This room is where Robin's mom was originally supposed to stay, but she is shown occupying Robin's room, when she eventually shows up at the end of Vesuvius.
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