Marcus "Food Guy" Danesco
Portrayed by:
Edward Flores
First appearance:
Full name:
Marcus Danesco
Employee at GNB
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Marcus "Food Guy" Danesco is an employee at GNB who works in Account Services.

He was the most expendable employee at the company, but after bringing food to meetings he became to be known as "Food Guy". Everyone likes him because he always have food. Barney's cheese explains that this gives him job security and makes him unlikely to be fired, despite his mediocre performance and his expendablility. (Mosbius Designs​)

Episode Appearances

  1. Mosbius Designs
  2. Garbage Island
  3. The Exploding Meatball Sub


  • The actor who played Food Guy also played the male version of Jenkins in Jenkins before everyone in the gang realized that Jenkins was a woman.

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