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Future Ted, the narrator on How I Met Your Mother, is known for Exaggerating the stories to his kids. It is done for comical purposes, mainly for the things he either does not remember or did not witness. This quality fits right along with him being unreliable, as well as telling lies and using euphemisms.


• In Okay Awesome, Future Ted reveals that Marshall and Lily still claim that they jumped out from the bathroom window and he still doesn't know the real story.

• In Slapsgiving, Ted sees Robin's boyfriend Bob, who is just slightly older, as an elderly person.

• In Miracles, while telling about how things wouldn't have been same if he had gotten into any of the other cabs, one cab is exaggerated to look like it's being owned by a maniac.

• In I Heart NJ, when Robin needs to get her job back at Metro News one she jumps over a car with Lucy Zinman's Bike.

• In The Rough Patch, Ted's exaggerations turn Barney, who has put on a little weight since starting dating Robin, into a fat person and a tired Robin into an old lady.

• In The Rough Patch, to hide to his children about willingly watching porn video Archisexture, Future Ted exaggerates that the video flew into the VCR by itself.

• In Tick Tick Tick, when Barney and Robin dance after feeling guilty for cheating on their respective partners, they misunderstand the original lyrics of the song playing as Shame on You.

• In The Rebound Girl, Marshall and Lily's apartment in Dowisetrepla shrunk after they came back from their house in Long Island.

• In Romeward Bound, Ted claims that Liddy Gates has a Ridonkulous body. When she takes her coat off, and Robin and Barney see her body, as a bright light reflects over them.

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