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Masseur (Living)
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Gael, was Robin's short-term boyfriend and "rebound guy" after she broke up with Ted.

Relationship with Robin

Season 3

Following her break-up with Ted, Robin flies to Argentina. She recounts the journey as fun, where she made friends and contemplated peace. She introduces Gael to the group at the bar, where the guys try to make fun of him and pronounce his name wrongly. Ted, in particular, thinks that Gael is Robin's rebound boyfriend, who she brought home with her to win the break-up. Lily, on the other hand, finds him incredibly attractive and invites him and Robin for dinner.

During the double-date, Lily and Marshall (who initially dislikes Gael, but eventually falls for his charms and massaging skills) bond with Gael, which makes Ted so angry that he goes to Robin's apartment to confront her. He yells at her how it sucks that they had such an amicable split-up and that she is now with Gael (who Ted reluctantly describes as an "adonis"), and Robin comments that she noticed how he has shaved his beard (the break-up beard which he grows at the end of significant relationships). However, when he invites Robin to find a flaw in him, she replies that Ted is "bigger." At first Ted thinks Robin is talking about height, which confuses him since Gael also has this advantage over him. But Robin indicates that she means penis size, which for Ted is good enough to "win" the break-up.

In We're Not From Here​, Robin starts pointing out how she's not having as much fun with Gael as she used to, but when he invites a group of traveling friends to crash at her apartment, Robin's authority is compromised. It doesn't take long for her, however, to realize that she will never stop being a "city girl", and she kicks everyone out of her apartment and breaks up with him.

Episode Appearances

  1. Wait For It
  2. We're Not From Here

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