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Garrison Cootes
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Senior partner at Honeywell & Cootes
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Garrison Cootes is a senior partner of Honeywell & Cootes, and Marshall's boss.

Show Outline

Season 7

He is a comedic and previously pessimistic middle aged man. He originally did not believe he could actually save the environment, apparently having a bunker made from a bomb shelter in Colorado with everything he needs that can protect him once "the end comes", although later, Marshall encouraged him, using baby Marvin's ultrasound to rededicate him to help save the world. (Field Trip)

He went to Marshall and Lily's housewarming party. There, he confronts Ted about the supply of vegan food having already been eaten. Later he tries to get Marshall back to the office to work, but Marshall quits his job and tells Cootes he needs to get a hobby because he works too much. And finally, Mickey suggests that Cootes should try beekeeping as a hobby, and gives him his beekeeper suit but Cootes accidentally bursts into flames. He runs from the house and leaps into the snow, putting himself out. Then he yells out that he enjoyed this incident and then tells Marshall that they'll take the night off. Cootes then asks, "I'll see you Monday?", to which Marshall nods. (The Burning Beekeeper)

Season 8

Sometime after Judge Donovan sabotages the Gruber Pharmaceuticals case, Cootes moved to his bunker situated in Colorado where he's "waiting for the apocalypse and tending to his herb garden." (Romeward Bound)

Episode Appearances

  1. The Naked Truth
  2. Field Trip
  3. The Burning Beekeeper

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