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Employee at GNB, legal department
James Stinson, possible crush on Ted Mosby
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Gary Blauman is an employee in the legal department at Goliath National Bank.


He worked at AltruCell Corporation before it merged with GNB, also in the legal department. He worked closely with Marshall during the time of Marshall's internship at AltruCell. (Life Among the Gorillas) Back when Marshall was still working for Nicholson, Hewitt & West, Barney told a story about Blauman: Barney witnessed Blauman being yelled at by Bilson. Blauman grew angry and declared he was quitting because he had made a lot of money on an IPO (Initial Public Offering) when a cousin's website went public. He then attempted to pee on the conference table to show what he thought of the company, however he was unable to. Following this, Barney claimed that "his cousin's website tanked, and then he became a janitor at an old folks' home, and then he moved into a one-room apartment above a bowling alley." Finally, Barney claimed that he died. According to Barney, the "Lesson of Blauman" is that one should not scream back at one's boss when being yelled at. However, Blauman continues to be seen working with Barney and Bilson at GNB indicating that this story (or elements of it) was fictional, fabricated by Barney to prove his point. (The Chain of Screaming)

Blauman has been known to play early-morning basketball at the company gym with Bilson and Marshall. (Sorry, Bro) Like Bilson, Blauman enjoys teasing other employees. When he introduced Jenkins to Marshall, he referred to Marshall as "four-eyes" and claimed that Marshall stole stuff. (Jenkins)

In the episode Gary Blauman, it is revealed that Barney's brother James had an affair with him.

Episode Appearances

  1. Life Among the Gorillas
  2. The Chain of Screaming (Barney's fictional story)
  3. Sorry, Bro
  4. Jenkins
  5. Gary Blauman
  6. The End of the Aisle

Notes and Trivia

  • Taran Killam, who portrays Blauman, is the real-life husband of Cobie Smulders. They have two daughters together.
  • Although Barney said that Blauman died (in episode "The Chain of Screaming"), he is seen in numerous episodes after this. It's possible Barney was simply exaggerating to make a point.
  • The gang has mixed reviews of him. In Gary Blauman, it is revealed Ted spites him because of a "battle-of-wills" to woo a girl at a party (although it is revealed later on in this episode that Blauman is not straight and he might have been trying to impress Ted.) Lily likes Gary Blauman, reflecting on the time he talked her out of getting a tattoo of Sugar Ray's face after her and Marshall briefly split up. Barney holds a grudge against Blauman after he takes 4 of his fries one night at Maclaren's, one of them being an "accidental curly."

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