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Genevieve Scherbatsky is Robin and Katie Scherbatsky's mother.

She had never been seen, until her reveal in the final season, and only a few things have been mentioned relating to her. She and Robin Scherbatsky Sr. got a divorce in Robin's early childhood, and Robin lived with her father after the divorce. Tired of her father treating her like a boy, Robin went to live with Mrs. Scherbastky in her early teens, and became a teen pop star, Robin Sparkles. Robin is shown speaking to her on the phone in a few episodes.

In The Lighthouse, Robin is waiting for her mother to get to her wedding. She later gets a call from her mother telling her that she never boarded the plane because she was scared to get on.

In Vesuvius, she finally arrives at the Farhampton Inn, and she is seen for the first time.


Episode Appearances

  1. Swarley (offscreen)
  2. Happily Ever After (offscreen)
  3. Vesuvius
  4. Daisy
  5. The End of the Aisle

Notes and Trivia

  • In The Perfect Week Robin ignores a phone call from her mom, whom she says is going through "some major health stuff", so she can be available to take a call from a man she went on a date with.
  • In Glitter it was revealed that something showed up in her X-ray, that nobody can identify.
  • In The Perfect Cocktail Robin reveals she caught her parents 'sharing a Brandy,' and that Brandy was the name of her father's mistress.
  • In The Lighthouse​​​​ new information is learned about her:
    • She is terrified of flying. (2006)
    • She got stung by a jellyfish. (Feb 2010)
    • According to Robin, she makes the best scrambled eggs. (May 2013)
    • She drives a pickup truck. (May 2013)
    • She takes baths. (May 2013)
    • She may be too fat for a conventional American bathtub. (May 2013)
  • It is also been revealed in Vesuvius that she is British.
  • She is shown to be quite talkative, especially when she talks about Robin's father in Swarley and Daisy.
  • According to Robin, she drinks tea with her friend Bunny every Easter morning.


  • In Swarley, when Robin is on the phone to her mother, a North American accent is heard through the phone, however Genevieve is British (Vesuvius)
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