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Grandma Lois is Janice Aldrin's mother and, hence, Lily's maternal grandmother.

Show Outline

Season 2

In 2007, Grandma Lois attended Lily's bridal shower. At the shower, Robin is in an awkward position, since she has gotten her a "battery-powered adult recreational fake penis", and most of Lily's guests are much older family members. Robin tries to stop Lily from opening the gift and finally switches cards with Grandma Lois to disguise her gift. When Lily opens Robin's gift (which Lily believes to be from her grandmother), Lily is shocked, but then Robin reveals that it was actually her gift, and Lily, as well as the other women, react much more mildly than Robin expected. (Bachelor Party)

Months later, Grandma Lois also attended Marshall and Lily's wedding. (Something Blue)

Season 7

In 2012, at Marshall and Lily's baby shower, Barney came in on a conversation Quinn was having with Grandma Lois about how Quinn does "50 laps a day." Barney went into a self-righteous speech about how the woman should be ashamed of herself for judging Quinn, but Quinn explains they were talking about swimming laps for exercise. (Good Crazy)


Episode Appearances

  1. Bachelor Party
  2. Something Blue
  3. Good Crazy

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