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Greg Fisher
Portrayed by:
Mark Derwin
First appearance:
Last appearance:
Shannon (ex-girlfriend)
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Greg Fisher is the guy Shannon started dating while she was dating Barney.


Back in 1998, after Shannon dumped Barney for Greg, Barney decided to enter the corporate world, but with ulterior motives. He finds and asks Greg for a corporate job at AltruCell Corporation, and is given the 'please' task, an acromyn for Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything. The task legally implicated Barney in all corporate mishaps and schemes.

The main motivation (besides morality) behind his employment record was to track Greg down, gain his trust, then destroy him for stealing Shannon from him, which he ultimately succeeded in doing. Barney revealed to Greg that he had colluded with the FBI and revealed the corporation's illegal activities and have Greg arrested. A stunned Greg questioned this, as Barney revealed it was because he stole his old girlfriend and brings up their past meeting at the coffee shop. The feds arrest Greg who curses Barney for his act, swearing revenge while the latter walks out.