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Honey is the nickname given to Zoey Pierson's cousin.

Show Outline

She is beautiful, but very naïve, which allows people to take advantage of her for believing things that are blatant lies. For example, she let her landlord place a camera in her shower, believing it was a security camera to stop thieves, and she gave her Social Security Number to a stranger that claimed to be a Nigerian prince. Whenever she did or said something that showed her gullibility, the gang would lament "Oh, Honey...", which is the origin of her nickname (as none of the gang can remember her real name). Her real name is never disclosed.

She first met the gang when Zoey set her up on a date with Ted. Although things were going really well, Ted couldn't go home with her because of his feelings for Zoey, so he let Barney take her home. Once back at her apartment, Honey comforted a crying Barney, who was upset that his dad, who he had tried to contact, would not call him back. Barney ended up sleeping with her and lied to her that she was his "first."

Later on, she called Marshall, using the cell phone Barney had left in her apartment, and was tricked into revealing that Zoey was getting divorced. (Oh Honey)


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