This is a list of the Current Projects on the How I Met Your Mother Wiki. Please use the Current Projects talk page to discuss the current projects on this page and any additional projects you'd like to add.

How I Met Your Mother Episodes

A lot of the episode articles lack information or images. Not to be rude towards the show, which we all adore, it would really help the How I Met Your Mother Wiki if contributions were made to improve these articles. Information on the episode should be placed under the appropriate section header, and images (screenshots of the episode) should be added under the Gallery section. Images should focus on covering the main events of the episode. See The Naked Man or The Fight for examples as to how the episode articles should ideally look (these two episode articles are really well done).

Main Characters/Actors

The pages for the five main characters and actors are in dire need of additional information, images, and cleanup. However, to add to these pages, can only be edited by Autoconfirmed users.

To break this project up into manageable sections, the project contributors are currently working on the Barney Stinson page, and once this is complete will move on to the other articles.

Marked Pages

These are articles on the How I Met Your Mother Wiki that are under the Marked pages category. These are pages that could do with additional information, images, or are subject to change.

49 Article stubs
0 Image Needed
5 Articles in need of cleanup
59 Articles to be rewritten
10 Articles under construction
8 Future articles
2 Articles missing references