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James Stinson
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Staten Island, New York
June 2, 1972
Tom (husband), Gary Blauman (former mistress)
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James Stinson is Barney's gay black older brother. His mother is also Loretta Stinson and his father is Sam Gibbs.

Show Outline

He is an impressive orator. On the dating scene, he and Barney are a lethal combination as James is as effective a homosexual charmer as his brother is with the opposite sex.

James eventually married Tom contrary to Barney's initial protests. Barney was not specifically opposed to gay marriage, but to the general concept of monogamy for any two people of any orientation. When Barney learned he was going to be an uncle he came around. In fact he was the best man at the wedding.

Like Barney, James enjoys Laser Tag, fine suits, and maintaining a blog (Single Stamina​ ). Also, like Barney, James also grew up not knowing who his father was, although his mother suggested several black celebrities: Bill Cosby, Flip Wilson, James Earl Jones, and Meadowlark Lemon. It wasn't until 2010 when Loretta moved out of James and Barney's childhood home did he discover a clue that lead him to his birth father: Sam Gibbs. (Cleaning House​ )

He is next seen in Noretta​​​​​​​​, where he points out that Nora is too much like his and Barney's mother, Loretta.

James and his family joined the gang for Thanksgiving 2011 at Lily and Marshall's house in East Meadow, where he tells them that he and Tom have adopted a daughter named Sadie Stinson. (The Rebound Girl)

By May 2013, James and Tom are getting divorced, as a result of James cheating repeatedly. (Coming Back)

It was revealed that in the episode Gary Blauman that Gary was the guy James had an affair with and that James blames Gary for destroying his marriage. By the end of the episode, Blauman reminds James that he can't keep blaming him for his own poor choices. This motivates James to make amends with Tom who eventually takes him back and they continue to happily raise Eli and Sadie together.


Episode Appearances

  1. Single Stamina​​​​​​ (first appearance)
  2. The Yips​​​​​​ (flashback)
  3. The Chain of Screaming (mentioned only)
  4. Cleaning House
  5. Noretta
  6. The Rebound Girl
  7. The Locket
  8. Coming Back
  9. Last Time in New York
  10. The Poker Game
  11. Mom and Dad
  12. The Rehearsal Dinner
  13. Gary Blauman
  14. The End of the Aisle


  • In Single Stamina, James' phone is a Danger Hiptop AKA the T-Mobile Sidekick.
  • Because of his last name it can be determined that he is of Scandinavian descent.

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