Janet McIntyre
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New York
Ted Mosby (single date)
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Janet McIntyre is a girl that Ted went on a single date with.

He met her at MacLaren's. When Ted tells the gang that he is going on a date with her, Barney and Robin try to look her up on the internet, but Ted stops them. He also asks Janet not to look him up, so there can be some excitement on their date. However, they have nothing to talk about on their date. While Ted is on his date, Barney and Robin find Janet on the internet and are shocked to see what they find. They text Ted to look her up, but he ignores them. When Ted gets another text saying that Lily is insisting that he look Janet up, he does so while Janet is in the restroom. He visits a website and finds the following things about Janet:

  • She graduated from Princeton University at the age of fifteen.
  • She donated a kidney to a complete stranger.
  • She is the youngest woman to climb Mount Everest.
  • She saved a baby by rescuing him from a creek.
  • She inherited billion-dollar fortune.
  • She loves Annie Hall (one of Ted's favorite movies).

When Janet returns from the restroom, Ted becomes extremely nervous and gets intimidated by her. Janet realizes that Ted broke his promise by looking her up and leaves angrily. After Ted rejoins his friends, he tells them that he regrets looking her up, and that he would rather have "mystery" over "history" for his future dates.

According to her biography in one of the articles written about her, she was born in West Chester, skipped high school and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in History. She graduated from Central East High. Her father, Eli McIntyre, co-founded McIntyre Corp in 1977. Upon his passing away, Janet inherited a billion dollar fortune. It is mentioned that she has older siblings. Her mother Miranda died in 2005. Janet has an older brother named Marcus who lives in California. Her worth is estimated to be around 2.3 billion dollars. She lives in a luxurious Midtown loft with her pug.


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