Janice Aldrin
Janice Aldrin
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Mickey Aldrin (ex-husband)
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Janice Aldrin is Lily's mother and Mickey Aldrin's ex-wife.


In 1985, she separated from her husband, Mickey Aldrin for a long time.[1] Mickey stayed home and worked on his dream of creating the next great American board game while Janice worked two jobs. (Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap)

The two were unhappy for a while, and Lily mentioned at her wedding that her father caught her mom cheating with a professional squash player. Presumably, this was the last straw before they separated.

Lily once claimed that her "feminist mom didn't want [her] conforming to traditional gender roles" and wouldn't allow her to have an Easy-Bake Oven as a child. (How Lily Stole Christmas)

Furthermore, Lily and her mom seem to have a strained relationship. Throughout the series, Lily references fights with her mother, and their relationship stresses Lily out enough to contribute to her compulsive shopping problems. (I'm Not That Guy) Even so, some of Janice's ideals did rub off on Lily, who Marshall recalls used to spell women with a "y". (Natural History)

Janice had a cat, Whiskers, that she let Marshall and Lily cat-sit. However, the cat jumped out of an open window when Marshall was playing with it nearby. A funeral was held. Janice was angry with Marshall as she blamed him for Whiskers' death. (The Sexless Innkeeper)


Episode Appearances

  1. Bachelor Party
  2. Something Borrowed
  3. The Sexless Innkeeper (uncredited, Marshall's photo montage)
  4. Disaster Averted (off-screen)


  1. Say Cheese, Ted explains that Lily first saw the movie Goonies in theaters when her parents separated. The movie came out in 1985
  2. Good Crazy

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