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St. Cloud, Minnesota
Marvin Eriksen Sr. (husband; deceased)
Mickey Aldrin (boyfriend/sexual interest)
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Judy Eriksen (neé Gunderson) is Marshall's mother. Married to Marvin Eriksen Sr., Judy is the mother to Marshall and his two brothers. She is very devoted and protective of her sons.

Show Outline

Judy does not like Lily. Although she liked Lily at first, when Lily visited the Eriksens in St. Cloud she was horrified to learn that Marshall's fiancée did not plan to take the proud Eriksen name, even after being given a "Mrs. Eriksen" apron (Belly Full of Turkey). She also once overheard Marshall and Lily having sex on an afghan that she knitted for him. (Game Night)

At Marshall and Lily's wedding, she told Lily that they wouldn't be together forever because "Marshall is going to heaven" (The Stinsons). However, Judy and Lily fixed their strained relationship in Last Words​​​, when Lily helped her by being her "bitch". But in The Drunk Train​​​, it is revealed through a flashback, that Judy still dislikes Lily, after Marshall and Lily hid Judy's "tacky" Minnesota gifts and Lily still doesn't like her mother-in-law, when Robin reads Lily's diary entry about desiring to kill Judy in Karma​​​.

In Oh Honey​​​, Marshall stays in Minnesota to help take care of Judy. It is later found out in Desperation Day​​​ that Judy has become annoyed with his presence and asks Lily's help to get him out of her house, as he has started to behave like a teenager again.

In The Over-Correction, Judy is visiting Marshall, Lily and Marvin, and tells Lily about her desire to start dating again. Lily encourages her, but Judy starts hooking up with Mickey, who is Lily's father, much to Marshall and Lily's disgust. After having a talk with Barney, they tell their parents that they are okay with them dating each other. However, they tell Lily and Marshall, that they aren't dating, but are just having fun, which disgusts them even more.

In Something New​, she discovers Marshall and Lily's plans to move to Rome for a year. She demands to see her grandson one last time before they leave. While Marshall and Marvin visit her in Minnesota, she jokes about not letting them leave as well as accompanying them to Rome.

It is shown in Daisy​​​ that she did in fact mean it when she said she'd move to Rome with Lily and Marshall. Her relationship with Mickey is also suggested again. 


Episode Appearances

  1. Belly Full of Turkey (first appearance)
  2. Game Night (flashback)
  3. The Stinsons (mentioned only)
  4. Home Wreckers​​ (flashback of Marshall's childhood)
  5. Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap​​
  6. Baby Talk​​
  7. Bad News​​
  8. Last Words​​
  9. Oh Honey​​
  10. Desperation Day​​
  11. Noretta​​ (mentioned only)
  12. The Drunk Train​​
  13. The Pre-Nup
  14. The Over-Correction
  15. Something New
  16. The Locket
  17. Daisy​​

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