Julie Jorgensen
Julie Jorgensen
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Home town:
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Barney Stinson (one night-stand)
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Julie Jorgensen woman who appeared in Nannies, while Marshall and Lily were looking for a nanny.


She is from St. Cloud, Minnesota just like Marshall. Marshall knows her father, George Jorgensen, as the owner of "George Jorgensen's organs". Last year her brother joined the business and the store was renamed to "George and Morgan Jorgensen's Organs" (That was Morgan's idea) They also opened another store in Oregon called "Piano Town".

After auditioning 92 nannies, Marshall and Lily choose her to be Marvin's nanny. She went on another audition at Barney who slept with her by pretending to be a millionaire.


  • Father: George Jorgensen
  • Brother(s): Morgan Jorgensen

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