HIMYM episode 7x18 (154)

First aired:
February 27, 2012
Pamela Fryman
Stephen Lloyd
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Barney tries to convince Quinn to go out with him, after realizing he has feelings for her. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily introduce Robin to life in the suburbs and Ted tries to figure out what to do with Robin's old room.


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Barney decides to bang Quinn, despite discovering she works as a stripper named Karma. Barney tries to ask her out on a second date, and although she appears interested, she continually avoids answering and only wishes to hang out at the strip club; she always claims her boss is watching, and requests more money to make it appear like she’s working. When Ted hears about this, he realizes she is just playing Barney. When Barney sees Quinn behaving much the same towards another client, he realizes Ted was right, and apologizes to Quinn and leaves the club. Later, Barney runs into Quinn one morning buying coffee and chides her for playing him, but she calls him for failing to recognize her even though she worked at the Lusty Leopard for a year. When she mentions a number of things that Barney mentioned to her, he accepts her offer to sit down for coffee, suggesting she is actually interested in him.

Robin has moved in with Lily and Marshall for a while, but gets bored at their mundane lifestyle. When Robin attempts to leave one night, Lily and Marshall catch her. They admit they find the suburbs boring, but believe it is best for their upcoming child. Robin tells them that if they dislike the suburbs, that will not make it the best place for their child if they are unhappy with where they live.

Since Robin had moved out, Ted has attempted to take his mind off her by using her empty room for various hobbies such as grilling meats, woodworking, and pottery. Robin goes to meet Ted later, and helps him realize that some things shouldn't be forced and that one should instead just move on. A few days later, Lily and Marshall receive a message from Ted to come hang out in the city, and the two eagerly rush off. When arriving at The apartment, they find the place completely empty. A note from Ted explains he has decided to move out for good and he needs a change. Because Marshall’s name is still on the lease, he is giving the apartment to them and has put up a crib in Robin's old room, suggesting they use it for their baby.


  • In the start of the episode, Future Ted summarizes the events of The Drunk Train and No Pressure.
  • In the room Robin stays in, a stack of Mickey Aldrin's games can be seen, with Slap Bet on the top.
  • Barney puts money in his mouth like he told Ted to do in an earlier episode.
  • Barney first mentions the stripper, Karma, in The Bracket when Lily tells him that the stalker incident is just (the concept of) Karma getting back at him. It is unknown if Quinn is the same stripper he mentioned earlier.
  • Ted gives the apartment to Marshall and Lily. But in The Duel, after the guys fight to determine who keeps it she tells them that she doesn't want to live there in the future because it's a "boys' apartment" and she feels it has a manly environment.
    • Presumably over time Lily's become accustomed to the place, or she thinks it's better than staying in Long Island.


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  • Ted and Barney at the Lusty Leopard
  • Ted and Barney see Quinn performing at the Lusty Leopard
  • Ted grilling meat in Robin's old room
  • Barney talks to Quinn at the Lusty Leopard
  • Lily and Marshall, eating ice cream and watching TV while wearing a snuggie
  • Patrice waits for Robin at her apartment
  • Lily throws ice cream at Robin's clothes to stop her from leaving
  • Robin visualizes Lily with a sledgehammer
  • Quinn gives Barney a dance
  • Ted doing woodwork in Robin's old room
  • Barney tells Quinn what they have in common
  • Barney waiting for Quinn to respond about his request for a second date
  • Ted breaks a chair when Barney tells him that he might love Quinn
  • Barney brings roses for Quinn for their date at the Lusty Leopard
  • Quinn greets Barney
  • Quinn takes Barney to the Champagne Room
  • Quinn dancing for Barney
  • Quinn asks Barney for more money
  • Quinn feels bad for playing Barney after he confronts her and leaves
  • Barney bumps into Quinn at a coffee house
  • Barney and Quinn talk about what happened
  • Barney is surprised that Quinn remembers everything he told her about himself
  • Barney and Quinn have coffee together
  • Ted doing pottery in Robin's old room
  • Ted meets Robin for the first time after she moved out
  • Ted moves out of the apartment
  • Ted decorates Robin's old room as a nursery for Marshall and Lily's baby

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Memorable Quotes

Ted: Dear Lily and Marshall,

I don't know if you know this, but I never took your names off the lease. Well, today I took my name off it. The apartment is now yours. And I think I finally figured out the best thing to do with Robin's old room. See, for me, this place has begun to feel a little haunted. At first, I thought it was haunted by Robin, but now I think it was haunted by me. Well, no ghost is at peace until it finally moves on. I need a change. And I think you do, too. This apartment needs some new life. So, please, make our old home your new home. It is now ghost-free.

Love, Ted.

The note to Marshall and Lily

Barney: What am I going to do about this Quinn thing? I want to ask her out again but I don't know how I feel about her being a stripper.
Ted: Why would you have an issue with that? You've dated convicted felons, arms dealers... pageant moms?

Notes and Trivia

Goofs and Errors

  • Quinn's stripper name is Karma which is strongly contradicting to the fact that Barney never knew her before even if he practically lived at the strip club because in the episode The Bracket, Barney knew a stripper named Karma which he said he was in good terms with.
    • The very obvious solution is the other Karma was a different stripper. As established the first Karma is from Las Vegas. Karma's certainly not a rare name for a stripper.
  • After Lily and Marshall enter the empty apartment the scorch mark over the fire place is missing.

Allusions and Outside References

  • In Indian religion Hinduism, Karma is the concept of "action" or "deed".
  • Writing in her diary Robin mentions a 42 year-old woman who uses a Rascal Scooter comparing it to the second half of film WALL-E. She also talks about macrame gatherings.
  • The scene where Robin wakes up to Lily standing by her bed with a sledgehammer is a reference to Annie Wilkes in the film Misery, she also has a croquet mallet which is a reference to the character Jack Torrance from Stephen King's novel The Shining.
  • While Quinn talking about the things that Barney told her, she mentions that "you are more interesting than hearing the lyrics to Pour Some Sugar On Me the eight-thousandth time".
  • When Robin moves in with Marshall and Lilly, a stack of games in the corner of Robin's room contains Slap Bet, Shoplifter, and Diseases.


Other Notes



Featuring an interview with composer John Swihart (as he works on a piece of score).


  • This episode received 9.13 million viewers.[1]
  • The AV Club's Katherine Miller gave the episode a B. [2]
  • Ethan Alter of Television Without Pity gave the episode a B-. [3]
  • Robert Canning of IGN gave the episode 7 out of 10. [4]
  • The St. Petersburg Comic Review gave this episode 8.5 out of 10. "...on her bathroom scale..."


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