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For Adam Punciarello's wife, see Kelly.
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Kelly is a friend of the Mother and her former roommate. She accompanies the Mother to the St. Patrick's Day Party that was seen in No Tomorrow. While there, she bumps into Barney, who tries to hit on her. 

Other Notes

  • Kelly is a big drinker. This is noted after she mentions that St. Patrick's Day is the holiday of her people (binge drinkers).
  • She tells the Mother that the love of her (the Mother's) life could be out on the dance floor waiting for her to bump into him. Ironically Ted is there, but bumps into another woman.
  • She sleeps with Mitch after he attempts "The Naked Man" on the Mother.
  • She sleeps with Barney, after he uses the "My Penis Grants Wishes" play on her.
  • By 2009, she had moved out of the Mother's apartment, which allows the Mother to make Cindy her new roommate.

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