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Lily's First apartment is the Queens, New York apartment that Lily Aldrin lived in from 2000 until at least August 2005, a month before she got engaged to Marshall Eriksen, although in practice she lived with him and Ted Mosby in their apartment.


Two months into the start of the series, Lily takes her new friend Robin Scherbatsky to her apartment—which she has not visited in three months—and finds that it has been converted into a Chinese restaurant named "House of Dumplings". Much of Lily's furniture and a stain on the floor remain in the restaurant. According to the manager of the restaurant, Lily's landlord had died in the interim, and with no lease to cover it, Lily was given three months' notice, which she failed to receive.

Unable to get her apartment back for the time being, Lily moves in with Ted and Marshall, telling Marshall that she didn't want to live there after they got married.


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