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Lily's Second apartment is the apartment that Lily Aldrin lives in for a while she and Marshall are broken up, in Season 2.

Having called off her engagement with Marshall Eriksen to pursue an art course in San Francisco over the summer, she returns to New York to rent an attractive apartment. However, after delaying to get in touch with the landlord of the nicer apartment, she is forced to take a small crummy apartment - complete with a roommate that happens to be a raccoon.

In the apartment, which is a room combining a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room into one room, there is a Murphy's bed that makes contact with the wall opposite her neighbour's apartment, and a unique hybrid of a stove, oven, sink and refrigerator (called a "stoveinkerator"). Later, she decorates it with flowers, bedding sheets and new, more comfortable furniture.

Presumably during the final three months of the season, Lily moves back in with Marshall and Ted Mosby, with her and Marshall's wedding fast approaching.


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