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Louis Ferrigno Jr ,
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The Mother (ex-girlfriend)
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Louis is The Mother's ex-boyfriend, and part of her group of friends.

He is a finance guy who visited MacLaren's in 2009 when it was briefly named Puzzles. He and The Mother were dating in the fall of 2012, when she met Barney in a drugstore 45 days before she met Ted. According to the events of How Your Mother Met Me, Louis and Tracy met in April 2012, around the same time Lily was pregnant with Marvin. He is the first guy Tracy went out with after the death of her first love, Max. He proposed to The Mother in How Your Mother Met Me, but realizing that she hadn't moved on from Max and hadn't allowed herself to fall in love with Louis, she rejected his proposal.

In Gary Blauman, when Ted and The Mother are looking for a restaurant to eat in on their first date, The Mother sees Louis on the sidewalk and ducks behind a car. This results in her telling Ted that she is not ready to date yet.

Episode Appearances

  1. The Time Travelers
  2. How Your Mother Met Me
  3. Gary Blauman