Marshall Eriksen has a weird and sometimes annoying habbit of singing made-up songs about what is doing. It was first pointed out by Robin in Spoiler Alert. He is also the one who came up with the "Bang Bang Bangity BangYou Just Got Slapped" and Marvin W. Eriksen's lullaby "Night Night Little Marvin".

Made-up songs

• In Sweet Taste of Liberty, Marshall sings two little songs, "Studying Law" while studying, "Philly" while driving to Philadelphia and "Really, Really Awesome".

•In Showdown, it is revealed that he sings a "Night Night, Lily" song.

• In Spoiler Alert, he is seen singing "Paying My Bills", "Laundry Song" and "Apple, Orchard, Banana, Oranges, Cat Dance 8663" in the flashback and says "I don't sing about everything I do" in a singing voice. After passing the exam he sings, "I'm a Lawyer Now".

• In Slapsgiving, he performs "You Just Got Slapped" for the first time, after slapping Barney. A children's version of this song is later used for Mickey's boardgame which he based on the the slap bet, as seen in Marshall Medley. • In The Sexless Innkeeper, in various flashbacks, he makes picture montages with made-up songs: "Best Night Ever", "Cat Sitting", "Cat Funeral", "Food Delievery". Combined, the later three songs are called [[Marshall Med

• In Jenkins, he tries to make a poem titled "If Lady Lily's Jealousy" to make Lily jealous for the reacher-settler thing. However, he fails to make it rhyme.

• In Of Course, he sings "Bang Bang Bangity Bang" for the first time.

• In Say Cheese, he sings "Happy Happy Lily Day".

• In Subway Wars, while running to win the the race, he says he needs a theme song and Marshall versus the Machines plays in the background. The same happens again in Bedtime Stories and The Rehearsal Dinner.

• In Baby Talk, in a flashback, Marshall and a bunch of other kids sings "Your Booty is so Smooth" to a girl Tara.

• In P.S. I Love You, when Ted explains The Dobler-Dahmer Theory, we see a flashback about how Marshall asked Lily out by singing a song "Will You Go Out With Me".

• In Bedtime Stories, Marshall tells Marvin three stories and only speaks in rhyming sentences, throughout the episode. The episode ends with a hint of 'Marshall versus the Machines'.

• In Bass Player Wanted, 'Marshall versus the Machines: Journey to Farhampton' is played as Marshall tries to reach Farhampton Inn.

• In a deleted scene from Last Forever - Part 2, when Lily pays Marshall the 5 bucks after Ted and Robin reuniting, he sings a song, "Sweet sweet five bucks, you are finally mine".

Existing songs

• In Life Among the Gorillas, he sings "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" with Lily.

• In How Lily Stole Christmas, he sings "Silent Night".

• In Arrivederci, Fiero, he is seen singing I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) in his fiero for the first time. He again sings it in Mom and Dad.

• In Little Minnesota, he sings "Let's Go to the Mall.

• In Glitter, he joins everyone to sing The Beaver Song.

• In Blitzgiving, Marshall and Barney sing "My Blitzi Lies Over the Ocean", when Ted becomes the Blitz.


• In Unfinished, it was revealed that Marshall used to be in a band called The Funk, the Whole Funk, and Nothing but the Funk. Although he had not played with the band in many years, the band was still assembled together by that time.

• In Hopeless, in a fantasy sequence, when Barney lies to his dad about being in a band, the gang performs the opening sequence by playing the theme song Hey Beautiful. However, Marshall is playing the piano and only Ted, Lily and Barney are singing.


• In Hooked, he mentions that he wanted to tell her classmate Lisa that he loved her, by singing a song.

• In Unfinished, when Ted is confused about whether to design New GNB Headquarters, Marshall mentions that this situation is perfect for writing a song.

• In Natural History, it is revealed that Marshall also used to write poems about Lily but later stopped

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