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For a while, Marshall and Robin were never especially close due to the fact that Marshall was scared that Robin would turn into a "mermaid" and he would fall for her. Robin went from the object of Ted's affections to his girlfriend and then his ex which shaped her relationship with Ted's loyal best friend, Marshall. At the same time, Robin was also Lily's best friend and, much the same way Marshall and Lily's relationship put a strain on Marshall and Ted (Duel Citizenship, The Duel), it would put a strain on Robin and Lily (Woooo!). Even so, they were close enough that Marshall would call up Robin crying when she was planning to move to Japan. (Intervention)

The two would eventually bond when Marshall introduces Robin to his favorite bar, the Walleye Saloon. Like Robin, Marshall found himself homesick for the cold climates of his hometown. Things got a little awkward when Robin fit in a little too well and Marshall got her thrown out. But he made it up to her by introducing her to a Canadian-themed bar, the Hoser Hut. (Little Minnesota)

Show Outline

Significant Episodes

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

  • Woooo! - Marshall puts a strain on Lily and Robin's relationship.
  • The Naked Man - Robin wants to prove to Marshall she isn't a slut by going on a second date with Mitch.
  • Little Minnesota - Marshall finds a Canadian themed bar (Hoser Hut) for Robin, when she feels homesick.
  • Three Days of Snow - Robin and Marshall talk about relationships as they go to pick up Lily at the airport.
  • As Fast As She Can - They discuss how they got away from speeding tickets, after Barney fails to do so.

Season 5

  • Of Course - Marshall encourages Robin to keep Don, to the point that he later pretends to be Robin accepting Don's invitation for a date.
  • The Wedding Bride - Robin criticizes Marshall for being too nice.

Season 6

  • The Mermaid Theory - Marshall and Robin try to spend some time alone and explore why they don't more often.

Season 7

  • The Rebound Girl - Robin tries to discourage Marshall and Lily from moving to Long Island.
  • The Drunk Train - Robin reveals to Marshall and Lily that she will never be able to have kids.
  • No Pressure - Marshall tells Robin that Ted is lying about him being okay, and that Robin has to move out, which she does.

Season 8

  • The Time Travelers - Marshall finds out that his drink at Maclaren's was named after Robin, and he challenges Robin to a dance off.


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