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Marvin Eriksen Sr.
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St. Cloud, Minnesota
Judy Eriksen m ?-2011 his death
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Marvin Eriksen Sr. was Marshall Eriksen's father and Judy Eriksen's husband.

Show Outline

He raised Marshall and his two brothers with a firm, yet loving hand. He often used teasing to teach his children. Marshall recalls how his father kept him out late mocking him and pushing him when coaching his son in basketball. (Murtaugh) He even teased Marshall when giving his son advice on how to conceive a son. (Baby Talk)

Marvin Sr. is very involved in Marshall's life. Marshall calls his father daily and tells him everything. He even said that his father is his best friend. This was frustrating to Marshall's wife, Lily who also received many calls from Marvin Sr. who went as far as to help her get the process of changing her name started (although Lily was keeping her own last name). Marvin Sr. even sent Lily and Marshall a bassinet he made in his wood shop (although they weren't even pregnant yet). (Big Days)

Marvin Sr. and Judy visited Marshall and Lily in New York and comforted him after he admitted his fears of being sterile. A few days later, he had a heart attack and died. (Bad News)

Shortly after his passing, Marshall and Lily have their first child and name him Marvin Waitforit Eriksen, after Marshall's father (The Magician's Code - Part One)


Episode Appearances

  1. Belly Full of Turkey (first appearance)
  2. Something Borrowed (mentioned only)
  3. Murtaugh
  4. Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap
  5. Big Days
  6. Baby Talk
  7. Bad News (death)
  8. Last Words (flashback; voice only)
  9. Desperation Day (hallucination)
  10. Legendaddy (mentioned only)
  11. The Perfect Cocktail (mentioned only)
  12. Noretta (hallucination)
  13. Tailgate (flashback)
  14. The Pre-Nup
  15. Sunrise


  1. Per his tombstone in Tailgate

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