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The Naked Man is a move created by Mitch; he explains how to perform the Naked Man in The Naked Man​. Mitch explains the move as follows:

"You're on a first date. You've had a few drinks. You make an excuse to go up to the girl's apartment. Then, once she leaves the room, you strip down naked and wait. When she comes back, she laughs. She's so charmed by your confidence and bravado, she sleeps with you. Boom! [It works] two out of three times. You just have to pick your spot. The Naked Man is best used as last resort. Kind of a Hail Mary on a first date when you know there's not going to be a second one."

The move is performed several times during the following episodes:

Mitch tells The Mother that he had twice succeeded with the move before failing with her; thus his statement to Robin that it succeeds "two out of three times".

Naked Man Positions

The following are examples of different ways to display oneself when performing the Naked Man.