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The Slutty Pumpkin
Marine Biologist
Ted Mosby (dated)
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Naomi, also known as The Slutty Pumpkin, is a marine biologist who Ted flirted with at a Halloween party in 2001, and later briefly dated in 2011.

Relationship with Ted

Season 1

Ted met The Slutty Pumpkin at a Halloween party located at the roof of his apartment in 2001. He learnt that she had studied penguins and enjoys making a drink that combines Kahlúa and Root beer, which she calls the Tootsie Roll because it tastes like an alcoholic Tootsie Roll. They had an instant connection, but unfortunately Ted lost her phone number which was written on a KitKat bar and given away as Halloween candy, so they never had the opportunity to date, and her identity remained a mystery. Since they never learned her name, the gang was forced to refer to her as "The Slutty Pumpkin", due to the strategically carved pumpkin costume she wore at the party.

In an attempt to find her again, Ted spent the next few years attending the Halloween party on his roof, wearing the same costume (a "Hanging Chad") in the hopes she'd make another appearance. Sadly, he was unsuccessful, and eventually he stopped trying. (Slutty Pumpkin)

Season 7

Her first appearance was in The Slutty Pumpkin Returns​. Ted meets Naomi again and they started dating right away. Lily remarks that if she is his soulmate, "we should probably stop calling her the slutty pumpkin". Ted immediately realizes he doesn't connect at all, but can't bring himself to end the relationship so easily after finally finding "The Slutty Pumpkin" girl. When Ted decides that he needs to break up with Naomi, he's stunned to see she's wearing the slutty pumpkin costume and says that he loves her. They arrive at the Halloween party on the roof wearing the costumes they wore when they first met. When Naomi makes the Tootsie Roll drink, she confesses that she found their relationship as awkward as Ted did, but also didn't want to end it after waiting so long to meet him. They break up amicably after confessing to each other that their chemistry just isn't working.

Season 9

During The Poker Game we see Ted and Marshall on the roof giving one another hints about their wedding present/thank you note argument. As Ted walks away we see Naomi standing behind him in her Slutty Pumpkin outfit but Ted is so wrapped up in the dispute with Marshall he never notices her.

Episode Appearances

  1. Slutty Pumpkin (offscreen)
  2. The Slutty Pumpkin Returns
  3. The Poker Game (flashback)

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